The HexR Initiative

tl;dr? Make modern websites, get paid in satisfaction.

But don't tl;dr, the cool kids aren't!

Here at HexR, we don't like money. It hurts the life of too many people.

Take any person in the world. If they want a website, completely branded, they can expect to pay a lot of money - with all these terms like hosting, building, DNS, backend, ect.

Many people have come to view website building as scary, and in the end, pay for it with their wallet.

Why? Easy, because every place that people go to in order to obtain a website is backed by something - money, so those places work hard to get it.

HexR isn't one of those companies, for one simple reason. HexR is is FREE.

Everything HexR uses has been provided for free.

Server hosting is sponsored by Linode , the domain by Gandi and mail by Yandex.

Any money HexR gets is repopulated to the community through donations to local high school clubs inspiring STEM principles, such as robotics clubs, engineering clubs and 3D printing clubs.

Our world is in a modern age, and since we can't fight it, we might as well embrace it by providing people with positive values into the system of research, development and production.

HexR doesn't get paid in money, but in satisfaction. We want to be able to visit any website, and see one thing - built through the HexR initiative.

People shouldn't work for money, but for satisfaction. We hope by getting the word out, we can stop doing what we do for money, and instead do it because we love it.

Every single person in HexR gets paid a total of $0.00 per year, the same amount that HexR vows to spend, for the one reason that we are physically restricted from living without working.

Why the initiative?

HexR is an organization that was founded with one goal -

inspire and provide the world with modern, easy to use and simple websites.

Why? Well, since the use of computers has practically changed our world,

it is becoming easier and easier to create services to automatically generate websites based on the users wants,

which has caused the idea of website development to decline.

Now, website"development" is focused around a drag and drop interface which can be accessed and edited anywhere,

leading to the importance of basic principles to come to a decline.

But at what cost is this happening?

The basics behind end user web interfaces - HTML, JavasScript, CSS, etc...

are becoming less and less important for people that want to create a personal website.

A few years ago, if someone wanted a website, they had 2 options –

Learn to write it, or pay someone else to do it.

Fewer and fewer people care about the structures that form the core of a website.

Of course, now that we have less interest in these core languages,

less and less people are learning the logic behind them –

maps,"sentences", problem solving, etc.

Many people in the young generation arelearning languages based on complexity

- like C, Java, Python, etc.

When someone writes a program in these languages, they miss out on 3 things that web development brings -

interaction, a special complexity, and products.

When it comes to most languages, to get something to pop up takes multiple lines of code -

and most of what happens is never seen.

The simple act of making a window is a huge accomplishment for beginners.

We have the option to change that, but what's the reason behind it? To teach people not to adapt to change?

NO, we can't do that. Our world has so much change in it on a daily basis, we have to embrace it.

So let's do that.

Why not introduce the basics, and increase complexity, like web development?

Start with a map (HTML).

Increase complexity by adding selectors, identification and co-operation (HTML and CSS).

Move up to interaction (JavaScript),

and finish with languages like PHP, C, Java and Python,

which require a lot more to make a lot less

- that's what inspired the HexR initiative, so why not inspire the world?